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Carrie B. Kisker, Ph.D.



DR. CARRIE B. KISKER is president of Kisker Education Consulting in Los Angeles and a director of the Center for the Study of Community Colleges. Drawing from her own and others' research, she regularly consults with college leaders on issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation, program and policy development, strategic planning and accountability, civic learning and democratic engagement. Dr. Kisker holds a B.A. in psychology and education from Dartmouth College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in higher education from the University of California, Los Angeles.


Dr. Kisker is author of The American Community College (Jossey-Bass, 7th ed., 2023), written with Arthur M. Cohen and Florence B. Brawer, The Shaping of American Higher Education: Emergence and Growth of the Contemporary System (Jossey-Bass, 3rd ed., 2024), with Arthur M. Cohen, and Creating Entrepreneurial Community Colleges, A Design Thinking Approach (Harvard Education Press, 2021). 

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Bridging Higher Education Research and Practice

Consulting & Strategic Advising

Dr. Kisker regularly consults with college leaders in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation, program and policy development, strategic planning, and accountability. Click here to learn more. 

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Research & Writing

Dr. Kisker is available for presentations, workshops, and other speaking engagements. Click here to

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Dr. Kisker's research and writing -- including three books and numerous  other publications -- help bridge the divide between higher education research and practice. Click here to learn more.

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