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Policy and Research Reports

Enabling Faculty-Led Student Success Eff
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Civic Engagment in Community Colleges 20
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Implementing Statewide Transfer and Arti
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Reforming Transfer and Articulation in C
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All Policy and Research Reports by Carrie B. Kisker

Kisker, C. B. (2019). Enabling faculty-led student success efforts. Washington, DC: American Council on Education. 

Kisker, C. B. (2019). Who leaves before graduating? Salient characteristics of students who do not complete a CSU degree. Long Beach, CA: California State University, Chancellor's Office.

Kisker, C. B., Levin, J. S., & Damian, A. L. (2015). What does a ten percent achievement gap really mean? (And what can we do about it?) The complexity of achievement and opportunity at the California State Universities. Riverside: University of California, Riverside, California Community College Collaborative. 

Kisker, C. B., & Ronan, B. L. (2012). Civic engagement in community colleges: Mission, institutionalization, and future prospects. Dayton, OH: Kettering Foundation.

Kisker, C. B., Wagoner, R. L., & Cohen, A. M. (2011). Implementing statewide transfer and articulation reform: An analysis of transfer associate degrees in four states. Los Angeles: Center for the Study of Community Colleges.

Kisker C. B., Cohen, A. M., & Wagoner, R. L. (2010). Reforming transfer and articulation in California: Four statewide solutions for creating a more successful and seamless transfer path to the baccalaureate. Los Angeles: Center for the Study of Community Colleges. 

Levin, J. S., Cox, E. M., Kisker, C. B., & Others. (2010). Promising practices in community colleges. Riverside: University of California, Riverside, California Community College Collaborative.


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